The Scavenger’s Daughter

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Published by: Lake Union Publishing
Release Date: August 13, 2013
Pages: 230
ISBN13: 978-1477805862


Having survived torture and imprisonment during China’s Cultural Revolution, Benfu escaped to find love with his compassionate and beautiful Calla Lily. Together they build a fulfilling life around the most menial of jobs—Benfu’s work collecting trash. As he sorts through the discards of others, he regularly discovers abandoned children. With unwavering determination, he and Calli spend decades creating a family of hand-picked daughters that help heal the sorrow and brighten their modest home. But all is not perfect and when crisis threatens to separate their family, Benfu—or possibly his band of headstrong daughters—must find a way to overcome the biggest hardship yet.

Inspired by a true story, and set against the backdrop of a country in transition, The Scavenger’s Daughters is a sweeping present day saga of triumph in the face of hardship, and the unbreakable bonds of family against all odds.



The Scavenger’s Daughters is the kind of novel I’d love to write, but never could. Simply told but beautifully rendered, the reader is swiftly transported into the hearts and lives of a Chinese family after the Cultural Revolution. Powerful and poignant, this story captures the heart of humanity. This is the kind of book that will get shared by friends and chosen by book clubs. A phenomenal story of life and love.”
—Karen McQuestion, bestselling author of The Long Way Home

"I appreciate living through a book a new experience I would not otherwise know. This book is beautifully written by a talented author. It made me smile, worry, and rejoice with the characters. I was moved to tears, sometimes with joy and sometimes with sorrow. I prefer good literature, and it is a pet peeve of mine to be distracted from content by poor writing. I became completely immersed in this book with none of those distractions and did not want to come up for air until the last page! I will definitely be reading more of this author and am glad to see she has written more set in this Chinese culture!"
–Amazon Reviewer

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