Tangled Vines

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Published by: Lake Union Publishing
Release Date: December 10, 2013
Pages: 328
ISBN13: 978-1477808818



With the bad memories of the Cultural Revolution and a life of hard work behind them, Benfu and his treasured Calla Lily are content watching their daughters blossom—six young women who they adopted as their own. But when a clue to the whereabouts of the biological daughter they lost decades ago suddenly surfaces, they begin a frantic search to find their beloved Dahlia…

Li Jin has lived thirty years at the mercy of cruel foster parents and a bleak orphanage, often surviving on the streets. But now that she has a son, she must try to make a better life for them—even if it means withstanding the abuse of a seedy foreigner in exchange for a home. But when Erik’s treatment turns truly sadistic, she must find a way to escape once and for all…

A beautiful yet haunting story about the “lost girls” of China, Tangled Vines takes us on a journey of heartbreak and then hope as we witness a woman’s quest to change her fate and a family’s last chance to untangle the lies of the past.



“Creating a series in which each book can be read on its own is no small thing, but Kay Bratt delivers this and more. Tangled Vines, book two in the series, continues the story of Benfu’s family, and once again I was pulled into a world I didn’t want to leave. Kay Bratt weaves a captivating tale, taking the reader on a dramatic ride all the way to a bittersweet and satisfying end. Read it. You’ll love it.”
—Karen McQuestion, bestselling author of The Long Way Home

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