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A Priceless Gift

Today my new book, TRUE TO ME, is out for the world to read. This book was two years in the making, starting from the first chapter I wrote while in Maui helping my daughter set up a new life. It was an exciting and scary time for her, and traumatic for me considering she…

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Survivor and Symbol of Hope

Sometimes things happen for a reason and you don’t know what it is until a little time passes. I believe that the day four-pounds of ragged, toothless, geriatric dog peeked out from a ditch as we were passing by was the beginning of a life lesson for me. Just a week before Christmas and it…

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Hey Y’all!

Thank you for stopping by my brand-spanking new website. I feel like I’m wearing new clothes and need to show them off so I’m glad you came. Be sure to read the whole post so we can talk about our third life! Going forward, I plan to start most of my rambling from here, so…

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A Chance Meeting with a Lovely Ruby

Yesterday I went for a manicure and pedicure. I don’t go often, but my toenails were looking gnarly so it was long overdue. I’ll admit, I feel a bit guilty sitting up in the spa chair like some kind of princess while someone bends over my feet. I always try to be respectful. I don’t…

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The Feather

In this day and age, it’s important for authors to get to know their readers. And if we are getting to know you, then of course it’s only fair for you to get to know us! I talk about my books a lot and many of you have read them. I want to thank you…

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