Book Five of Hart’s Ridge is OUT!

In the small town of Hart’s Ridge, danger is never far away, as Deputy Taylor Gray knows all too well. Even as she hopes for a respite after a recent wave of crime, a stranger arrives in town and threatens the safety of one of its residents. With her instincts honed by years of law enforcement experience, Taylor jumps into action to protect one of their own.

But as Taylor works to uncover the truth behind the stranger’s motives, her sister Jo faces a different kind of challenge. As a single mother who has always shouldered her problems alone, Jo is cautiously optimistic about the future as her family finally seems to be finding stability. But as secrets come to light and tensions rise in the town, she begins to wonder if her newfound hope will be short-lived.

With Kay Bratt’s signature blend of suspense and heart, Instant Karma is a thrilling addition to the Hart’s Ridge small-town mystery series. As the Gray family and their community face new challenges and unexpected twists, readers will be hooked until the very end.


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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ INSTANT KARMA is my absolute favorite book of this series!
It has every thing you can imagine- mystery, friendship, family, and love!

– Laurie, Goodreads Reviewer

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