Red Skies

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Published by: Lake Union Publishing
Release Date: August 11, 2015
Pages: 235
ISBN13: 978-1503945166



In the fourth book of the Tales of the Scavenger’s Daughters series, the fates of three people who’ve never met converge in profound and unexpected ways.

Mari, the daughter of the town scavenger, grew up knowing hardship, but she never could have anticipated the struggles that now face her as an adult. Feeling alone and isolated, she dreams of a better life. On the other side of town, a frightened little girl named An Ni is forced to live on the streets, but she silently longs for the one thing she’s never known—a family. Max, a struggling American photojournalist, arrives in China with only one goal in mind: to face his demons and put an end to his own unbearable suffering.

From the bestselling author of A Thread Unbroken comes an emotional, hope-filled story that offers a fresh glimpse into the life of a remarkable family.



"I chose the highest rating as I would for all the books written by this author. I prefer reading true accounts, but Kay Bratt has lived the life in China and collected much factual information on which her books are based. It is yet another one of her books that can hardly be put down as one becomes so involved in the story as if it were happening now with the reader very involved in the joys, sorrows and hardships she relates. She has a talent for weaving true facts into a most exciting story that wakes the imagination and emotions as she paints a realistic and heart throbbing picture, involving the mind of the reader."
–Amazon Reviewer

"We are so much in our own little world. We have no clue what is happening in the world around us. This is an inspiring book to read. Actually this whole series is exceptional. It is about giving of oneself even when it is a hardship to give. The way the characters found each other and ended up helping each other through their most difficult time in their life is amazing. They found redemption, a reason to live again after the tragedy of life's circumstances. Giving of oneself."
–Amazon Reviewer

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