Tangled Vines (Book Two in The Tales of The Scavenger’s Daughters)

For Li Jin, abandoned then raised in and out of foster homes, she’s a woman who’s had more than her share of struggles. She thought her luck had changed when she met her partner and he pulled her from the depths of poverty. But when his true character is revealed, Li Jin flees back to the streets to make yet another new life for her son—one without the fear of abuse. What awaits her is the worst nightmare yet.

Decades earlier, Benfu and Calli’s infant daughter was snatched from her cradle, never to be found. Burying their grief, they spend their life taking in unwanted children to ease the void. When sudden evidence is found that their daughter still lives, will they be able to track down their only natural child? Or will fate once again keep them from a long-awaited reunion?

In Tangled Vines, the second book in The Tales of the Scavenger’s Daughters, the invisible tie that forever binds a child to her parents is stretched and tested, and only a miracle will keep it from being permanently broken.