Where I Belong

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Release Date: May 26, 2016
Pages: 328
ISBN13: 978-1533356963



After a tumultuous childhood living in an orphanage, Willow feels she’s finally found a safe haven amongst new friends in a peaceful place. When she is faced with a threat that could harm them all, she’ll have to pull from within to find the courage to take it on. Meanwhile her best friend, Kai, has kept his guard up as he’s battled to make it through the worst of circumstances, only to keep coming up lacking. Through it all he’s only known one thing for sure; that Willow will always be there for him. Then came the day that she wasn’t—something he’d never seen coming and may never get over. On another path, Luyan is a girl who hoards years of resentment. When Willow comes into her life, her days as an up and coming model come to an end and she must decide if she should open her heart for the chance of being reconciled to her family.

An enchanting tale of modern day Chinese village life and the pull of destiny, Where I Belong, the second book and conclusion of Kay Bratt’s Life of Willow series, will reinforce your belief in family and forgiveness.


"Another great tale by Kay Bratt. All of her books reel you into the stories she so masterfully weaves. I loved the ending even though it wasn't what I expected. I always turn the last page with sadness knowing that the story is over and hoping that there will be another to follow soon."
–Amazon Reviewer

"In this sequel, Willow and Kai stories continue. They both struggle with a seeming loss of their relationship and continue to grieve over lost family connections. I liked the way the author blended the old Chinese culture with the new. I could hardly put the story aside until I reached the end. "
–Amazon Reviewer

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