Somewhere Beautiful

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Release Date: May 26, 2016
Pages: 338
ISBN13: 978-1533356857



Sixteen-year-old Willow is strong, courageous, but weary of being under control of those in charge of the orphanage. Though she is used to being forgotten, she’s grown tired of being labeled as unwanted. The years have been hard on her, making it impossible to get close to anybody, except for her best friend Kai who has made it all bearable. When bureaucracy threatens to tear them apart, Willow and Kai make a run for it. The only problem is, they aren’t alone. They’ll have to figure out if their excess baggage—a sassy girl who holds an extra chromosome—will be the glue that keeps them together as they navigate street life, or the obstacle that jeopardizes their newfound freedom.

A fascinating look into modern day orphanage life and what it’s like to feel as though you belong to no one, Kay Bratt’s novel, Somewhere Beautiful, is the first in the two-book Life of Willow series. In Somewhere Beautiful, Bratt weaves a story of loss and loyalty that will have you following three teens as they battle their way through life’s obstacles in the search for the always elusive happily ever after.


"Deeply moving, dark at times, yet full of truth and longing, this was one I couldn't put down. Bratt's characters are well rounded, beautiful, and down to earth. I loved following Willow on her journey to happiness and know you will, too."
–Amazon Reviewer

"From the moment I picked up one of Kay Bratt's books I have been a fan. Every single one of her books draws you in, captivates you and makes you feel like you know the characters and understand them more than you understand many people in your everyday life. The story of Willow is no different. "
– Amazon Reviewer


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