Y’all! I just found out that my book, INTO THE BLUE, is on Kindle Daily Deal today! Please help me spread the word by sharing, and also.. have you got your copy?

Yippee! I’m so excited!

-K ❤

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What’s this story about?
Jules Monroe is a woman whose hard work and dedication has built a rewarding life for herself and her family. Now in her late fifties, she gives selflessly to her husband, kids, community, and their charter business. But everything comes to an abrupt halt when her body says enough, and her mind yearns for respite and a place to hide from past hurts.

Kira, youngest daughter of Jules Monroe, is a young mom who juggles a multitude of responsibilities and a seemingly never satisfied husband without complaining. When she doesn’t return home after a mid-morning jog, suspicion is thick throughout the island. Where is Kira?

Oldest son, Jonah Monroe, is a veteran haunted by a childhood tragedy that he feels was his fault. His past includes things he isn’t proud of and can’t quite shake. When his chance to be a hero finally arrives, it comes with strings attached. Will he accept the kindness of strangers to help bring his family back together, or will his demons continue to be his downfall?

Maui isn’t always the safe paradise it’s made out to be and when ancient island superstitions threaten to rob the Monroe family yet again, they must all find a way to deter the impending disaster.

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