A Welcome Misfortune

Fresh off the press! I pulled out a Christmas miracle this year and released two new novels in my historical fiction genre.

I hope you will check them out!


From the bestselling author of The Tales of the Scavenger’s Daughters comes a historical fiction family saga that begins with a newborn Asian girl, unwanted but not forgotten, and those who come together in a tumultuous journey to give her a better life. 

In 1867 an infant girl called Luli is born into a middle-class Chinese family on the mainland. Her fate is altered when instead of being put to the breast of her mother, her father declares her a misfortune and she is left at the famous Chaozhou wall where many parents and grandparents abandon their unwanted girls. But the child’s mother is desperate to save her and beseeches one of her sons to step in and deliver the baby to safety.

At the same time in the affluent house of a scholar on the island of Hong Kong, house slaves Sun Ling and Jing Fei are sworn sisters, bound by their shared struggles. When the hardship and abuse become too much too bear, the girls escape and make a run for freedom, then find themselves on a ship bound for the western coast of the Americas.

When the paths of these three forgotten girls of China meet, the ocean journey is treacherous and not for the faint-hearted. In the midst of monumental difficulties, their lives converge, and they traverse many obstacles, but will do anything for one another in their oath to stay together and fulfill their hope for a better future in Chinatown, on the shores of San Francisco.

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