The Feather

In this day and age, it’s important for authors to get to know their readers. And if we are getting to know you, then of course it’s only fair for you to get to know us! I talk about my books a lot and many of you have read them. I want to thank you for the many times you mention them so that others can hear about my work! I’d love to tell you about my upcoming novel but instead today I want to talk about one of my very deep interests.

First, let me start by talking about last Mother’s Day. It was sort of a sad one for me as my youngest is 5000 miles away living in Hawaii and I was sort of estranged from my eldest daughter until she gets her life under control. I missed them both dearly.

I had a quiet day and after a short lunch, I mostly lounged around, snuggling one or more of my sweet rescue pups for comfort. Later that night, I took a long hot bath and readied for an early bedtime. With a clean gown on, I applied my night face, pulled my hair back, brushed my teeth, then climbed into bed to read. An hour or so later, my hubby joined me and settled in. I put my kindle down to talk to him for a minute and all of a sudden, something landed on my eye. I thought it was a bug and I sort of freaked out as I brushed it away. I looked down and on my chest lay a tiny, delicate gray and white feather.

Both my Ben and I looked up at the ceiling at the same time, saw nothing, then looked at each other like “where the heck did that come from?” We don’t have feather pillows or bedding. No birds. And we just moved into this house so it’s clean and free of any clutter. There is also no sign of any other feathers anywhere. I hadn’t been anywhere that would have feathers and I’d just had a bath and did my routine in front of the mirror and didn’t see anything sitting on my head!

The feather just appeared from nowhere and landed on the one place it was sure to get my attention; my face. Suddenly I remembered a few nights before when I was thinking of my grandmother—the family member that meant so much to me—and I had literally said out loud, “Grandma, if you are around, please give me a sign!”

I had forgotten about it, but on Mother’s Day I saw her photo posted on Facebook and I was thinking about her a lot. I remember when I was a young woman and was sneaked out of state due to an abusive husband, and I hid out in Kansas for a few months and got to spend a lot of quality time with my grandmother. She was so kind to me, and she tried to convince me that God had something special in wait for me. My life was so terrible at the time that I didn’t believe her, until many years later when I got the opportunity to go to China and partake in a journey with children in the orphanage, which would change who I am and show me who I was meant to be.

My grandmother was right! There was another time, more than twenty years ago after she died, that I was talking to her and asked her for a sign that she was there. A few nights later, I was up with insomnia and the house was quiet. I was thinking of her and suddenly, her sweet powdery scent filled the room. I have no doubt it was her, comforting me.

Please don’t let this be a debate. This is just letting you get to know me. I do believe in life after death, and that our deceased loved ones are around us in spirit. I’ve read many, many books on the subject, even the technical ones to look for evidence. With so much research and amazing stories, I’m totally convinced that we have a better life awaiting us on the other side. I believe this life on earth is about learning lessons, loving others and leaving a legacy of kindness. I have hope that those who succeed in that will have a great reward upon their deaths.

As for the feather, it is said that finding feathers can have many meanings. I found this article; “Feathers may also represent a fresh start in truth along with a spiritual sense, love, lightness, and flight.” In my case, it fits as we are getting a fresh start in life by moving from South Carolina to Georgia. We are building a house there and we plan for it to be our forever home. It’s a big step for us as we have the wanderlust bug and hate to commit to anything permanent.

Or the feather could be a sign of hope as I worry for my daughter, a signal that she will make it through this terrible self-destructive journey in her life.
Either way, I’m glad to know that someone up there thinks we are doing the right thing. What about you? Have you ever had anything supernatural happen to you? What do you think the feather symbolized for me? Do you believe in angels or symbolism? What books have you read on the subject that you’d recommend? Remember, please be kind!

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