Train to Nowhere

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Published by: Thread Publishing Group
Release Date: November 5, 2011
Pages: 65



In 1967, while millions in China are unfairly persecuted because of their livelihood or heritage, others join the Cultural Revolution to pledge allegiance to a leader who is considered a legend to some and a tyrant to others. Mao’s revolution is sweeping across the country, leaving many competing to show their loyalty with actions that will leave scars for decades. Even more traumatic than the destruction of art, books, and historic architecture, families are torn apart as they struggle to find a way to survive the upheaval.

Ling, a sheltered and devoted daughter, is forced to join the feared Red Guards, a strategy concocted by her mother to ensure her protection. But for this scheme to work, Ling must hold her secrets close and trust no one. Her journey has only just begun when she is faced with a moment of truth that will impact the future she has unwillingly chosen on the Train to Nowhere.


“Doing what you believe to be right is not necessarily the easiest choice to make. Kay Bratt is a wonderfully, gifted storyteller with a talent for capturing the heart of humanity. This was a truly a thought-provoking and enjoyable read.”
— The Book Barista