Silent Tears

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Published by: Lake Union Publishing
Release Date: March 16, 2010
Pages: 352
ISBN13: 978-0982555002



Irrepressible memories. Vacant eyes. A child being dangled from a third story window. A boy tied to a chair. Children sleeping in layers of clothing to fight off the bitter cold. An infant dying from starvation. Some things your mind will never allow you to forget.
Silent Tears is the true story of adversity and triumph in one woman’s fight against bureaucracy to help orphaned children.

In 2003, Kay Bratt’s life changed dramatically. A wife and mother of two girls in South Carolina, Bratt relocated to her family to rural China to support her husband as he took on a new management position for his American employer. In seeking a way to fill her time and overcome the isolation she experienced upon arrival, Bratt began volunteering at the local orphanage. Within months, her simple attempt to make use of her time transformed into a heroic crusade to improve conditions and minimize the unnecessary deaths of Chinese orphans.

Silent Tears traces the emotional hurdles and daily frustrations faced by Bratt in trying to change social conditions for these marginalized children. The memoir divulges how she was able to pull from reservoirs of inner strength to pursue her mission day after day and leaves the reader with the resounding message that everyone really can make a difference.


“An eye-opening account of life in China’s orphanages. Kay Bratt vividly details the conditions and realities faced by Chinese orphans in an easy-to-read manner that draws the reader in to the heart-wrenching moments she has experienced in her work to bring hope to these children.”
—Dan Cruver, cofounder and director of Together for Adoption

The author did a tremendous job of describing the horrors of the orphanage and the many small and large victories she and the other intrepid volunteers achieved. Made me so glad they accomplished what they did in the face of such enormous need. A very engaging read.
– Amazon Reviewer