All My Dogs Go To Heaven

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Published by: Red Thread Publishing Group
Release Date: June 8, 2021
Pages: 239


Do dogs go to heaven? Do dogs have souls? Both are common questions, especially among those who’ve lost furry family members and can’t bear the thought of never seeing them again.

Kay Bratt explores these ideas in All (my) Dogs Go to Heaven. Touching on relevant Biblical scriptures, she chronicles her tumultuous past— including a traveling childhood and a near decade of domestic abuse— revealing how her beloved pets helped her cope, and instilled hope for better days ahead. Interspersed within this memoir are short essays from real people who have experienced signs from their departed pets as proof that they are still around in spirit. Included in the back of the book is a Grief Guide to help get us through those first devastating days after our loss.

A memoir that is more profound and sincere than any I have ever read. Whether or not you are a dog lover, this book is one that will touch your heart and inspire you to struggle through and find your best life. -Bette Lee Crosby, USA Today Bestselling Author of Emily, Gone



Insightful and Fascinating, Kay Bratt has ultimately given us a message of hope with All (my) Dogs Go to Heaven  -Judy Morgan, Founder of Yorkie Rescue of the Carolinas

"I knew it, I knew it, I knew it! I did it anyway! I read this entire story in one sitting while comfortable on the beautiful NJ beach. However, I was trying to wipe my tears with my towel that was full of sand at times! This is a wonderful, spiritual, love-filled,uplifting, heartbreaking book. It is told by the author Kay Bratt. She always has a stunning way with words. It is about her life journey as well as her fur kids. She explains how they must at different times "fly to heaven" and how she copes with these losses. I am a dog Mom and having a sixteen (approximate) and a thirteen year old, one on hospice and one now with dementia, this story has deeply touched me. I believe that the Lord, creator of all people, and animals and would love to have us ALL under one roof when the time comes. I am grateful that others feel as I do. This book gave me peace and hope. I know it will for all those who also devour this book."
-Review by @lauriernc

"This is the first book I have read by Kay Bratt. I am used to reading only romance and when I started reading this book, my son commented that it wasn't my normal romance book. It isn't but it s a much deeper romance story than I am used to reading. I was touched from her first story to the end. I too, have lost pets and been devastated. I, too, have been a victim of domestic abuse by several exes in my past. I, too, have overcome the past and have a much better present and look for an even better future. I could relate to her and this book in a way that I haven't been able to relate to a book in a long time. I started this book last night and just could not put it down. This book should be on everyone's to be read list."
-Review by @phyliscarpenter

"First of all, don’t start reading this if you have to be somewhere or have something that needs to get done as you will not want to put it down. I have followed Kay for quite awhile and was familiar with a lot of her story. Some people that cross our paths just feel like soul sisters and having experienced a lot of the same, she sure feels like one. While reading this there will be tears and laughter. So honest and raw for someone to share their story and heart with us. I’m suggesting all my dog and animal loving friends get his book and keep it on hand to refer to again and again. Share with friends to help them through their grief when losing a beloved furkid. I’m grateful to have been able to read an early copy of this book. I can’t wait until everyone can read it and experience the love between the pages."
-Review by @SandyK

Is your soul being crushed with grief after losing a pet? Do you feel like you don’t know how you will go on without your best friend? I know exactly how you feel, and I want to tell you that first, it’s okay to not be okay. It hurts like hell.

            Yes, I’m going to use the words heaven and hell on the same page because that’s the best description of what we go through when we lose a pet. The greatest mystery of our life is what happens when we die. And for me, the second greatest mystery is where do my pets go when they die? And what was the purpose of having them with me throughout my life if only to have to go through this unbearable pain of saying goodbye?

This book will help answer that for me, and possibly for you. It is written as the road trip of my life, and chronicles how my pets have gotten me through the deepest lows. This book is also a tribute to those animals and a light research into the age-old question…

Do dogs go to heaven?

Included are contributions from myself and other pet owners who feel that their dogs have sent them signs from the other side. Written from the point of view of a normal person just like you, this book is meant to comfort those of us who have lost pets who to us, are not just animals, but are deeply loved members of our family.

Having a pet is like being a parent. I even hate to use the term pet.

They are so much more than that.

We take responsibility for their life and we strive to cover their physical and emotional needs. Research shows that losing a pet can be just as devastating, and sometimes even more so, as losing a relative. It only makes sense, as our pets love us unconditionally, providing loyalty and affection without expectation of anything in return past the simplicity of food, shelter, and the occasional belly rub. They also don’t judge you, criticize, or refuse to speak to you for months on end like humans tend to do when they get their nose out of joint.  They see us at our lowest lows and observe our weaknesses and are there as our biggest cheerleaders when we occasionally get things right in life.

            Honestly, it marvels me how some people can live without a dog. Or cat. Or some kind of pet. Where do they find that unconditional love that we all crave? I feel sorry for their loss of not knowing what it’s like to have that special gift.

            Last year I lost one of my fur-kids and I can tell you without exaggeration, that it felt like my world was suddenly dark. It’s been months and there are still days that I grieve deeply and ask myself if I did the right thing by letting him go on to a place of no pain and sickness. Selfishly, I wanted to keep him with me. I’ll admit that.

            Thankfully, I love him more than I love myself, and I had to give him relief.

            His death filled me with guilt and sent me wondering once again if dogs go to heaven.

Do they have a soul? If so, where is my little man now? Is he around me, or is he waiting somewhere high in the clouds where I can’t see him?  I just want someone to tell me that yes, he is in heaven.

If you are thinking that no one truly has the answer to that, you are right. I even asked a few Christian leaders. Those who I feel have a legitimate knowledge of what goes on behind the secret curtain.

They were not of any help.

I understand why, though. No one can say that they know, with one hundred percent irrefutable proof that our dogs will be in heaven.

That doesn’t stop us from trying to figure it out.

Over the last two decades, I’ve bought dozens of books about the afterlife and heaven. I’m a self-dubbed research fanatic, both for my work in writing novels, as well as my quest to just know more in general about the mysteries of the universe.

With every book I read on the subject, I first absorb it, and then I begin research to see what is written against the book, or the author. I want to read both sides of the argument—do some people just know what’s over there? Do these authors have a special gift that I don’t have? Or are they, as they were called in the old days, charlatans?

As I conducted my research, I also struggled with the fact that I’m a Christian, though I now consider myself more spiritual than religious. My walk with God might not look like yours, and that’s fine. However, there are people in the church who say animals don’t have souls, which by the way—crushes me when I hear them say that.

There was a time that I was in church two to three times a week. That time is not now, but I love the old analogy, “going to church doesn’t make you a Christian any more than standing in a garage makes you a car.”

I do believe there’s a God. And that one day I’ll meet him in paradise. Because of that, I needed to know for myself what the Bible has to say about animals in heaven so that I can know if my babies will be there.

My questions resulted in the research, that combined with some short memoir excerpts of my life as it connected to how my specific pets brought me through so many trials, is now this book. I’ll warn you now, if you aren’t a fan of an author rambling on about their life experiences, then go ahead and shut the cover and ask for a refund. If all I did was spout what I found in the scriptures, it would an awfully short and boring book. I think of my life as a very long road trip. And I’m inviting you along.

I also need to tell you that the parts of what I am going to share here are not of the rainbows and unicorn variety. I’ll bare part of my soul to you in the hopes that despite all that I’ve been through, you’ll agree that I’m not a victim.

I’m a survivor.

Now in my fifth decade of going around this planet, I look back and see there is one overall reaching lesson and reason that I got to this place and am with you now sharing a book about dogs going to heaven. There are a few other contributions included in the narrative of others who feel that their departed dogs have sent them a sign, from the other side.

At the end of the book, you’ll find a grief guide that I hope will help you get through the first month after losing your fur-child. You’ll also find some home remedies for nursing your fur-child, as well as my recipe for home-cooked dogfood that my pack goes crazy over.

At the end of the day, I hope this book will give you comfort.

As for the big question of whether your dog goes to heaven or not, it is up to you to determine how much you believe.

However, if there is a kernel of wonderment in your soul and the ability to walk in faith, then keep reading. I will give you my word, which means everything to me, that I won’t write anything in this book that I don’t myself believe is completely true.

On the other hand, I won’t try to convince you of anything.

So, take a seat and buckle up. I’m going to tell you about the dogs I’ve known in my life, what I have learned, and what believe. The rest is up to you.