A Thread Unbroken

Many believe that those who are destined to be together are connected by an invisible red thread. If that is so, the fates of Chai and Josi are weaved together and tied with a knot that cannot be broken. Chai has been the self-appointed protector of her best friend, Josi, since their toddler days. Their lives are as far from extravagant as can be imagined—but they don’t need material things to be content. Their carefree childhood comes to a screeching halt when they are snatched together and sold as house help, and possible future brides, to a family far away. This novel chronicles the girls’ struggle to adjust to their harsh new realities once the comforts and security of their old lives are stripped away. While Josi and others around them in the same situation have reluctantly accepted their new roles, Chai’s warrior spirit cannot be broken. She remains strong and refuses to give up hope of finding a way home.

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“In A Thread Unbroken, Kay Bratt weaves a beautiful tale of heartbreak, sorrow and perseverance fueled by love. Although a work of fiction, Bratt uses real life tales of child abduction and forced marriages to create  a story of the unbreakable bond of a father and daughter, determined to be reunited.”–Denise Grover Swank, Author of The Chosen Series

“Kay Bratt, an advocate for children from China, provides a fascinating glimpse of childhood in the world’s largest country. The main characters are young girls with a very loving father, dispelling the myth that Chinese do not value daughters. Yet it also shows the shadowy side of the girls’ lives when they are abducted to be sold, a practice that lamentably has not been completely suppressed. You will learn about the joys and hardships of growing up female in Asia, with plenty of thrills along the way to keep you reading.” – Mingmei Yip, author of Skeleton Women and Song of the Silk Road

“In this novelized yet all-too-real tale of two kidnapped Chinese children trying to find their way home, advocate turned author Kay Bratt focuses her story-telling sights on one of China’s least addressed issues: human trafficking.” – Tom Carter, author of CHINA: Portrait of a People

“Although A Thread Unbroken is aimed at adults, middle and high school students might find it of interest as well as it does show how strikingly similar trafficking ploys work in China and the U.S.  Nancy Wu’s narration is very good and the reading is appropriately dramatic with the characters speaking in Chinese accented language.” SoundCommentary.com ~Listen to an excerpt here: http://soundcommentary.com/issue/march-2013/article/a-thread-unbroken-by-kay-bratt