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An Orphan's Wish

Welcome friends, readers or anyone else who stumbled upon here!

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Thank you for visiting my site. I am an advocate for children, a mother, and an author.

After living in China for almost five years, I published my memoir, Silent Tears; A Journey of Hope In A Chinese Orphanage. The interest in my story makes it possible for me to continue my passion to make a difference in the lives of children in the orphanages of China.

Now I use my love and knowledge of China to write Asian-inspired fiction. I also raise awareness of organizations that support children in China.

Using news articles, special interest stories, and fiction, I strive to bring the adoption community together with others who would like to learn more about China. Visit me on Facebook or write me an email. I love to hear your comments or share in your life experiences!

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Release Countdown!

Red Skies;
 photo 1cdfb829af164572a6713fa175ae6b35_zps0e505ca5.jpg
The Tales of the Scavenger's Daughters Saga Continues!

Where is it now:
With beta readers
With my story editor
With my copyeditor
With my proofreaders
Final formatting
Available for Pre-Order
Released on Amazon NOW!

And Project Two is....Willow Tree Duology!
By popular request, I'm extending the prologue from Silent Tears to a full novel with the working title of 'Willow Tree' so that readers can see where the little girl's fate eventually takes her. These books will be YA but crossing over into women's fiction.

Where is it now:
Rough Drafts Complete

When You Are Looking for Hope & Advice

Sometimes adoption isn’t always ladybugs and rainbows, and you need some help. A willing ear to listen to, some advice from one who’s been there, or just a sliver of hope that you’ll get through the difficult days. Below is a list of resources:

Yahoo Group 'Attach China'
This is a list for parents who have adopted children from China other countries who are experiencing attachment trauma issues, including sleep problems, severe separation anxiety, severe temper tantrums, oppositional behavior, etc.

Yahoo Group 'Daily Parenting Reflections'
Join other parents from around the world who are working to implement the Beyond Consequences model. You will find support and information here from other parents who "get it". The group has evolved into a wonderfully supportive, safe place for parents of challenging children to come for ideas, advice, reinforcement and kind words.

Facebook Closed Groups
(Must ask to be invited)
Surviving Reattachment Disorder
China’s Children International
Adopting Chinese Tweens/Teens

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