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The Sworn Sisters Book Two

The Sworn Sisters Book Two
It’s ten years later and San Francisco’s Chinatown is growing in leaps and bounds, much to the disappointment of the white citizens in its surrounding communities. Jing Fei has found love and acceptance in her tiny family, and purpose in her efforts to help others. And Sun Ling is relieved to be reunited with the father who loves her. Mature women now, both Jing Wei and Sun Ling have pledged themselves as rescuers to girls and women in distress.

At night Sun Ling moves quietly, finding and releasing the oppressed from their captors to place them temporarily with Jing Fei and set them on a better path. In the day, Sun Ling works beside John Lane, Esquire. With his help, she advocates for Chinese rights, translating and guiding individuals through the mire of legalities heaped upon them by white citizens hell bent on driving the Chinese out. Its treacherous work even under the best circumstances and one particular venture into Truckee County will prove to be more deadly than either Sun Ling or her proclaimed protector can predict.

Meanwhile Jing Fei’s peace and happiness is put in jeopardy when Luli’s gift as a soothsayer comes to light, then smallpox begins its rampage across the Chinese quarter. Soon all that Jing Fei has worked to build will be threatened. On the other side of town, Sun Ling is focused on her work, never allowing herself to believe that she can find love. Will she be able to put aside her obsession of rescuing the downtrodden in order to forge her own path of happiness?