Mei Li and the Wise Laoshi & Eyes Like Mine

Written By Kay Bratt and Illustrated by Monika Vass

Mei Li has just about had it with Cameron’s teasing, and she daydreams of having a fairy godmother. Instead, she is granted with a wise old teacher from China who appears at her bedside! With his magic cane and his gentle ways, Laoshi takes Mei Li on and adventure to China and back to the day she was born to show her how her story began. Together they perch on a shaky pagoda and look at the Great Wall of China, a flowing river, and even pandas as the wise old Laoshi guides her through some hard questions she has been holding in her heart. Laoshi teaches Mei Li that a family is not just about who you were born to, but can also be created through the amazing gift of love.

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And NOW introducing an adoption story starring a little boy!

Some kids look just like their parents, but some don’t. And sometimes only a tree house and a Daddy’s dose of truth can make you see it’s not what we look like on the outside, but instead the love on the inside that makes us family. Eyes Like Mine is a story of love, acceptance, and the gift of adoption.

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