All Things Quiet

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The Sworn Sisters Book Three

1906 in America brings many changes and milestones, but the most memorable would be the San Francisco earthquake and the resulting stories of death, destruction, and even survival. Luli is now an adult and trying to run from her reputation as a soothsayer lands her in an unfamiliar and challenging setting—one where she hopes to be free of labels and judgement.

But when all things go quiet and the earth shakes, she is desperate to return home and search through the rubble for her those who have become her family. Meanwhile, in Chinatown the people who have overcome so many obstacles in their quest for the American dream must rebuild, even as the whites take advantage of the chaos caused by the earthquake to drive the Chinese from the valuable land they want for their own.

Once again, Jing Fei, Sun Ling, and Luli must come together with the rest of the Chinese in San Francisco to overcome persecution and unfairness at every angle, and pursue that which every person dreams of—freedom, security and the love of a family.