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The Life of Willow duology was inspired by the many emails and messages I’ve received from my readers asking if my books are suitable for their teenage children. With that in mind, I set out to write a story that would appeal to those going into their teenage years, as well as entertain my usual adult audience. The story of Willow began from the prologue in my memoir, Silent Tears: A Journey of Hope in a Chinese Orphanage. In the prologue, Mei Li is a young mother forced by her husband and his family to give up her less-than-perfect child. The act is devastating to her and the child, changing their lives forever. Then, the Life of Willow picks up sixteen years later, for she is the daughter of Mei Li from Silent Tears. It is also my hope that in writing these stories, readers will join me in realizing what my connections to the adoption community have taught me—that families are built in a variety of ways, and it only takes love and acceptance to begin a foundation that can result in a lifelong bond between individuals, whether they share the same blood or not. And for those adoptees who are still searching for answers, I wish them a measure of peace and a reminder that the struggle is part of your story, though it does not have to be the ending. Every person is in charge of their own happily ever after.


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