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If you or yours have a love for China, it’s time to get thinking about putting some China-love gifts under the tree.

Don’t wait too long…custom gifts take a lot of time and effort. Need some ideas?

Here are a few of Kay’s Favorite Things…

Ruffled Feathers Lydia Love dolls

The Lydia Love Dolls are always sweet to see in the arms of a little one.

$40 + $6 for shipping, contact Valerie Almquist @ Ruffled Feathers FB


You can sponsor a child in China, or give the gift of a donation in a loved one’s name! We all know I am obsessed with twins (I am one!) and I’ve sponsored these twins, Frances and Jack Robert, to give them the chance to experience life outside of an orphanage via foster care.

Go to Love Without Boundaries to learn more.


Custom charms from Jiayin Designs is a great gift for the younger or older ones,

… and the proceeds support Chinese Nationals doing purposeful work in China.

$55 each (must order by mid-Nov for customized characters).

Contact Kelly @ Jiayin Designs and see other ideas for China-inspired gifts there too!

red butterfly

For the middle-grade or older reader in the family, Amy Sonnichsen’s debut book, Red Butterfly, would make a lovely gift.

In Red Butterfly, A young orphaned girl in modern-day China discovers the meaning of family in this inspiring story told in verse.

Available here on Amazon.


Adoption maps have gained popularity recently and I found one on Etsy you may be interested in.

$9.90 + shipping, click here.


Of course, we can’t ignore the sweetness of a soft Corolle doll!

At the time of this post, it’s 50% off on Amazon Prime at only $20.46!

Click here.

Palest Ink 3D sm

Lastly, I fully recommend if you have a bookworm in your family that you go ahead and hit the button to buy my latest release, The Palest Ink.

Available in a beautifully embossed hardcover edition, it would make a wonderful gift. You could even send it to me and I’ll autograph it and send it back!

(You pay shipping costs)

Kay’s best selling memoir, Silent Tears, a Journey of Hope in a Chinese Orphanage, exposed the horrors of life behind the walls of a Chinese orphanage.

Now she returns with a thought-provoking novel set during the tumultuous Chinese Revolution.

The Palest Ink, a prequel to the beloved Tales of the Scavenger’s Daughters series, weaves a heart-rending story around actual events most of the world has no idea even transpired.


OR……you can buy the entire series and wrap them up with a pretty red bow!

Available on Amazon


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  • sandra pipitone


    LOVE all your books


  • Michelle DeSerio


    Hi Kay, I just wanted you to know I posted my selfie with The Palest Ink on my Facebook page. I’ve always wanted to buy a Kindle Fire. You are very kind and generous to have this giveaway. I hope I am one of the winners! #palestinkgiveaway


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