Would You Like to Make Someone’s Day with a Book?

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In addition to supporting work for orphans in China, I like to try to focus on my community when possible. Recently, I’ve heard of a need that a local children’s home here in South Carolina has to fill their library with current and appropriate reading material for teens. Most of the teens are there because of a difficult home life, and immersing themselves in the magic of a good story can be therapeutic. I know I used to do that! book3

If you are an author, or simply someone who’d like to donate a book or even an entire series for this outreach, please use the CONTACT ME button on my home page and shoot me an email. I’ll give you an address that you can ship the books to. And thank you!

About the children’s home: This home for children is a private nonprofit treatment agency specializing in caring for emotionally troubled children, adolescents, and families. We are accredited by the Council on Accreditation. The home provides an array of programs to meet the increasing demands for quality children and family services.

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  • Karen McQuestion


    What a wonderful cause! I’m glad to help out. I’ll send you two sets of my Edgewood series: tinyurl.com/nkyp74k Thanks for organizing this, Kay.


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