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Enter to possibly WIN a prize in our Around The World Giveaway, featuring bestselling authors Kay Bratt, Kate Danley, and Karen McQuestion. Prizes to include signed copies of books in tiny attaché cases and even a Kindle!

Enter Here:

UPDATE: Thank you to everyone for participating and the winners are….

Kindle: Megan Henn
Kate Danley pack: Brenda Stevens
Kay Bratt pack: Carol Zuba
Karen McQuestion pack: Wendy Weber


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  • Kim Campbell


    I just read Kay Bratt’s “Silent Tears” and as a former foster mother at an orphanage in Sierra Leone- it was such a blessing! While I will read anything and everything about orphans I possibly can, it seems rare to get to read about the daily grind of orphan care. Glossing over the hard stuff, though, doesn’t do justice to those who do care for orphans. Caring for orphans– especially those with health and emotional needs– is exhausting both mentally and physically. As a foster mother to a baby boy for about 5 months, but living among African women– many of whom were mothers themselves– there were times I wanted to do nothing more than take my foster son into our room and lock the door. No more “silly” advice that didn’t seem to have any logical backing. Sorting through many of the disagreements I had with these ladies, I had to learn to choose which battles to fight– were some “strange” customs actually harmful to children or did they just seem unusual to me? So, thank you for writing this!

    P.S. I don’t know what I was supposed to comment on exactly, but just in case you do read this, Kay, THANK YOU! -Kim


  • Fran Kuik


    I just downloaded “The Bridge” for Kindle. The cover art is lovely, as are all of Mrs. Bratt’s covers. I don’t know Chinese, but am inspired whenever I see the beautiful calligraphy characters. I couldn’t help noticing that the characters under the title actually seem to illustrate the theme of the book. The character on the left side is a person reaching toward the right, to what appears to be an infant resting on top of something. I can stretch my imagination enough to see the ‘something’ is a bridge.


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