Taken (real life…not a movie)

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Story from South China Morning Post (Amy Li)

Kidnapped child returns home after 23 years with aid of Google Maps

(Photo SCMP Pictures)

Five year old Luo was abducted and placed with a new family at the age of 5. But even that young, he swore he wouldn’t forget his first family. From article: ‘”Everyday before I went to bed, I forced myself to re-live the life spent in my old home,” he said. “So I wouldn’t forget.”‘

All he really remembered geographically was he lived close to two bridges. Eventually that one memory he held on to led him to be reunited with his parents, who were devastated when their son was taken.

Kidnapping and trafficking happens all over the world. However, in Asia, resources are limited and more times than not, the child is never found. In my novel, A Thread Unbroken, the story chronicles just this type of tragedy, but with two girls who are sold to be raised as future brides.  Like Luo, my character, Chai, refuses to give up hope of returning home. Her new family will try to break her and make her conform, but Chai’s spirit is much too strong to let go.

Like our daughters, Chai is just a girl with hopes and dreams. She loves her family, dotes on her little sister, and is a certified bookworm. Now, in her new life, she is barely more than a slave. Will she find her way home? Or will home find her?

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(Rest of Luo Gang’s story here)

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