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The Bridge is a FREE Kindle E-Book Today! Click HERE to download!

Out of everything I’ve written, The Bridge is still my favorite little story. It is like the little train that could…it just keeps going and going. I’ve tried to analyze why this book has gained such traction, but I think that O’Scarlett Reviews says it best:

It is a story of hope – where none existed or should have existed. Love – and giving of the little you have to make another persons life worth living. It is a picture of China – and the hopelessness for some, and the heart that still beats. O. Scarlett! Reviews

And I also love what an Amazon Reviewer had to say:

If you like chocolate, you’ll know the feeling of tasting an exquisite chocolate that pleases every taste bud in your mouth and has you pining for more once the flavour fades… The Bridge is like that, only with words. It is balanced and well written and is a delight to the senses. There is something beautifully symbolic about it that will give readers different experiences to take away, and they will find themselves reflecting on the meanings and the intent of the author…or maybe it was just a good telling of a story. A good book club contender for readers to enjoy and discuss. Lea Owens, Amazon Reviewer 

The book is featured on this site along with some other good free choices. Be sure to bookmark Free Kindle Books and Tips! And you can find them at Facebook, too!

Happy Reading and if you enjoy The Bridge, I would truly appreciate it if you would take the time to post a review on Amazon or GoodReads. Thank you!

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  • Denise Farrington


    I’m speechless. You’ve changed my literary genre. Thank you!


  • Kay Bratt


    Thank you, Denise! So glad to have you as a reader!


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