Will You be a Dream Maker this Holiday Season?

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Many of you know that I work with an amazing organization to support children in China.

Well, this holiday season, we would like to share with you the dreams of the children of….

An Orphan’s Wish.

Click on any image below to learn more about the dreams in our Holiday Catalog this year, or to give.

With each donation made, a card will be sent to you to let family, teachers and friends know you have honored them this season.

$15 donation to the General Fund for Pajamas, Sleepers and Blankets 

A gift of $15 to our General Fund can be used to purchase items like Pajamas, Sleepers and Blankets.  This Holiday season you can help ensure that our precious children like Chester are all snuggled in their beds with warm pajamas, sleepers and blankets. Their dreams will be so much cozier. (Click Here)

$25 donation to the General Fund – Holiday Celebration and Meal

   Your family can truly make our celebration come alive with a donation of $25 to our General Fund! Can you imagine how the kids will giggle as they help decorate the tree or when they give thanks for an extra-special meal? The memories of this joyful celebration are sure to fill their dreams with happiness and cheer. (Click Here)

$50 donation to the General Fund – Gifts for Christmas
   What child does not dream of opening presents on Christmas morning? Just imagine the joy of Teagan and her friends when they receive their special gifts. With your donation to the General Fund, we will make sure our children will receive safe, age-appropriate and fun toys that are sure to brighten their days and fill their nights with sweet dreams. (Click Here)
$105 3-Month Holiday Sponsorship
With a gift of $105, you are giving the gift of joy by becoming part of the AOW village. Our sponsors are our village – together we raise the children in our care and give them roots to grow and wings to fly! As a sponsor, you will receive for 3 months reports on our precious children and will be able to measure how your generosity has truly changed the lives of our children. This might just be the best gift of the year! Once we receive your donation, we will contact you via email to choose the child you would like to sponsor. (Click Here)

$250 donation to the General Fund – Teachers Training and Education Supplies
  Our children, despite their special needs and challenges, dream of what they will be when they grow up: doctors, teachers, policemen, firemen and of course the occasional ballerina or fairy! We strive to provide all of our children with an education. With your generous donation of $250 to our General Fund, we can continue to train our teachers, purchase many needed school supplies and allow our children to dream BIG for their future. (Click Here)
$500 Donaton to the Emergency Medical Fund
  Children sometimes arrive at An Orphan’s Wish in a life or death situation. Little Kirsten arrived this year in dramatic circumstances and in need of immediate life-saving surgeries. She was hospitalized several times after surgery to address life threatening complications. The doctors nicknamed her “Lucky” and lucky she was indeed to survive by the Grace of God and to have come to AOW when we had funding for her serious medical needs thanks to AOW’s generous donors. Would you please join us in replenishing our Emergency Medical Fund so that we can continue to provide critical medical help for our little ones?  (Click Here)
Again, I do hope you will choose the children of AOW to bless with your annual family holiday gift. To learn more about AOW, you can go to our website. And if I don’t say it enough, I am VERY thankful for you all! I hope you have an Amazing Christmas Season!


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    I want to publicly thank Rachel Norton. When I emailed her that the June 30 wait pool list han&7#821d;t yet been posted, she got back to me right away with the list. She’s the best!!


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