The Bridge by Kay Bratt (Free Sunday and Monday)

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Today and tomorrow I am letting my novella, The Bridge, be downloaded for free from Amazon. If you don’t have a Kindle, you can still download it to your smartphone or PC!

In present day China, an old woman’s house sits opposite an ancient bridge. Not just any bridge–but a special one because it has always been known as The Lucky Bridge. In olden days it was said that to walk over it during a marriage ceremony, or at the beginning of the New Year would bring the traveler good luck. Because of its reputation, over the years it has also become a popular place for young mothers to abandon their children. What to some may seem cruel is in reality their final gift to their offspring–one last chance to send them off to their new destinies with luck on their side. Jing, an old woman, is the unofficial and often reluctant guardian of the bridge. When no one else will, Jing steps in to prevent the children from frostbite, abuse and hunger, and then she delivers them safely to the orphanage. This has been her routine for many years, but what does Jing do when the latest child, a blind boy, burrows deep into her heart?

Read ‘The Bridge’ to see how Fei Fei’s life is changed by the love of a lonely old woman. The Bridge is a short story of 17,000 words, approximately 72 pages. Fei Fei’s character is based on a real orphaned boy that Kay Bratt met during her time in China.

Don’t miss these other books by Kay Bratt! Full length books currently available on Kindle “Silent Tears; A Journey of Hope in a Chinese Orphanage” and “Chasing China; A Daughter’s Quest for Truth”.  For children adopted from China, you may be interested in Kay’s book called “Mei Li and the Wise Laoshi.”

What have reviewers had to say about The Bridge so far?

Kay is a wonderfull writer, weaving a tale that is so real you could almost imagine yourself there. I read this book in two hours and couldnt put it down. It’s something that is close to my heart.

By the time I finished the 2nd chapter, I was in tears. Kay Bratt has a way of bringing you into the story not just emotionally but visually as well. I can see the characters come to life and live and work in their daily lives. From a rescuer of abandoned children to a fostermother of one rescued, the story is a careful, redeeming look at a sad time in the life of some of China’s families, those who for whatever reason have had to abandon a child.

What is most impressive about this short story is how it is “steady-good” from beginning to end.  Again Kay has taken an experience from her years of volunteer work in China’s orphanage system and mixed fiction with reality to paint a picture of just one amongst the endless stream of abandon children in China. This work is both sad, in that this young blind child is abandon by a historic bridge in China, and uplifting in that absolute strangers take extras steps to help this innocence child have the best life that can be patched out of a bad situation.





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  • LoisLinamen


    I just read The Bridge! What a sweet, sad touching story it was. I will be reading your other books. We have an adopted Chinese granddaughter so my heart is very tender toward these precious children. Thank you for sharing from your heart.


  • Dalya Moon


    Hi Kay!

    I’ve seen you around the Kindleboards and now on the top sellers list! I’ve just downloaded your book, The Bridge, and I look forward to reading it. Thank you for sharing your stories.



  • Kay Bratt


    Thanks, Lois and Dayla! Glad to see you around– please be sure to connect with me on Facebook. You both are very kind to read my book and I hope it was worthy of your time!


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