Mifan Mommy December 2009 Update

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dec2009mifanmommyprojectBelow please find the December report from our China volunteer, Julie. Thank you, American Mifan Mommies for all you do!

Short Report on the Anhui trip (Q&A)
From TLC
1. Who went ?
Angelina Chen (TLC staff), 2 TLC volunteers: Wang Chun Li and Lin Gui Jing

2 when was trip?
December 11-December 13, 2009

3. What was the purpose of the trip?
To make contact with the orphanage, hang out with the people, and make sure the Christmas gifts were delivered and handed out.

There was reports of possible snow, so the plan was changed, we decided to go by train, instead of hiring a van. Because of that,there were cancelations on some of the participants of the trip.

The trip allowed us to be here all day Saturday, meeting people and hanging out. We asked questions about the orphanage, the acting director, Guan and his wife, were very helpful in answering them. We were really touched by the way we were welcomed and received. We stayed at the guest room, the only room in the compound that had heat.

Among the things we got to do were games, pictures, good conversations, etc. Angelina got to teach some English songs to the kids. The 2 TLC volunteers wanted to see about getting the money for purchasing 2 dryers for the small children and patients.

The semi truck with the gifts arrived at about 7:45am on Sunday, the whole place was filled with excitement as gifts were being passed out to the individuals. There were also other donations like crocs shoes and other items. The directors and the staff really appreciate them.

*to those of you who wonder what the Mifan Mommy project is, we are a group of online contributors who give a small monthly donation to support a non-governmental orphanage in Anhui. The orphanage was started by an elderly Chinese man who converted his abandoned manufacturing facility into a home for the unwanted. They do not receive government assistance but instead rely on the generosity of those who have heard his story. But he is the true hero in the story, as he opened his heart to receive those who had no where else to go. For our part as the Mifan Mommies, donations of $9 a month are given to help buy rice, as we found out that one bag of rice to feed the whole institute is only $9, yet for many years the residents only received rice on special occasions. Now they get it all the time!

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