Merry Christmas From Lucy!

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Merry Christmas!

Now my son has been in this world for more than 3 months now. In this 3 month, he gained 4.5kg while I lost 4.5 kg! I realized how difficult it is to bring up a child, especially at night, I always have to wake up to milk him…sometimes I really miss those days when I can sleep from 10pm to 10am non-stop. However, whenever I see my son smiling, all the pain are gone. He is growing like a little strong horse now, he can hear my voice and whenever I talk to him, he starts to smile at me, without any teeth. Hehehe…He is so cute!

For me, the 3 months was really long, too much fights between me and my husband for this immature marriage. I wanted to give up for a while, but how can I leave my son? How can I afford my son having no father? I don’t know. I started to become mature, marriage is not only for my feelings, but more important, for my son and for my parents. I don’t want them to be not happy so I have to endure this marriage. Also, I start to change myself, I have to face the world and adjust myself to have a better mood.

For Christmas, I bought my son a santa hat! I will buy a good camera for him as well! So I can record those beautiful moments for him. I hope one day when he grows up, he will see those pictures and say: Oh, is that me? Hehehe we don’t really celebrate Christmas here. Only for young generation like us, we prepare some presents for each other. The more important is Spring festival. I will write more on that later.
See my cute son!

Zai Jian from Lucy–

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