Update on Jia Jia 2009 June

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For you SILENT TEARS readers who remember Jia Jia in the book, here is an update:

It’s been a long time since I sent an e-mail about Jia Jia but I guess cause we are just living our normal everyday life and there isn’t much new going on. But there has been a special event that happened last week. Jia Jia graduated kindergarten! She is such a different little girl than when she first started school. She speaks very good english, although there are still some things she doesn’t say right but I think that’s the case with all kids at her age. She can write her name and spell her name, first and last. She can read small words, she can say the days of the weeks and the months in the year and so on. Her teacher was so proud of her improvement. She also has picked up phrases like My feet are “killing” me and I am “burning” up. It’s pretty funny. She also tells the other kids when she wants something from them “I’ll be your best friend”.

She will be 7 in November. It’s hard to believe she is that old. Well anyways, here are some pictures from her graduation and I stuck one in there of her having fun at Chuck E Cheeses.

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    This is GRAND! My great grand daughter loves going to chuckie cheese for birthday party and CC in general. there is one in our small local shopping mall. She would go every day if she could. Her name is Isabel. d


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