Another Bamboo Baby Gets Sponsor for Foster Care!

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Following is a letter from one of our Bamboo Baby Sponsors:

Hi Kay,

Hope all is well with you! I just wanted to give you an update and share with you how God has once again orchestrated His plan in my life!

I was feeling a little disappointed that I didn’t get to be one of Baby Hope’s sponsors. i was mad at myself for not responding more quickly.

However I did email Pearl River Outreach and she got the ball rolling for our family to sponsor a different child and lo & behold, we were given a precious little one, Jayden, who was born with a cleft lip and palate. I was immediately drawn to this little one and so understand her needs because of our own daughter who also was born with a cleft lip and palate. When we received her picture…oh my goodness…talk about falling in love…I feel so honored that we are able to help her with her physical needs and also very importantly, her spiritual needs. We are praying for her daily and asking for God’s blessings upon her and asking Him to provide her with a family.

So in a nut shell, through all these various steps (and perhaps, missteps) God has given to me and my family the child He wanted us to sponsor…how cool is that? I just love how God works and how He uses people to help bring together His plan! So, thank you! Your initial post about Baby Hope brought us together with little Jayden!

I just wanted to let you know…



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    What a beautiful baby–and CHINESE–my favourite kind. I will have a huge amount of $$$ by mid-July and if this beautiful little girl has not been able to have the cleft palat repaired due to finances, I would be honoured to provide the funding for her. Please advise.


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